Our Story

Montebello Brands

  • founder_img
    Samuel Bernstein Founder
  • former_president_img
    Alfred Bernstein & Lenore Bernstein Former President
  • former_president_ceo_img
    Leo Conte & Agnes Conte Former President & CEO

Welcome to Montebello, a family liquor business founded in 1933 by Samuel J. Bernstein at the end of the Prohibition. With over 90 years of experience in the liquor industry, we take great pride in producing the finest spirits that satisfy our customers’ tastes.

At our core, Montebello has always been about innovation and adapting to the changing needs of our customers. We started our journey by producing blended whiskey and gin and launched our first brand, “Pride of Baltimore.” In the late 1930s, Montebello obtained 12 cases of Russian vodka at an auction, which it bottled and sold as Vladimir Genuine Vodka. This early investment in vodka proved prescient, as the liquor’s popularity skyrocketed in the coming years.

In 1964, Montebello invented the first wine cooler, but left the market after a faulty batch of stabilizer caused bottles of our “Kik” brand to explode in a distributor’s warehouse. Despite this setback, we persevered and continued to innovate in the industry.

In 1984, we introduced the world to our Original Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail, and it quickly became a fan favorite. Now, over 39 years later, our iconic cocktail is sold in 20 states and is the largest-selling cocktail of its kind in the country. We also produce McCall’s Vodka and Gin, and Ron Pablo Rum, which have become a tremendous success.

The business was passed down through the family for three generations when Harmeet Sandhu took over the helm of Montebello Brands as CEO in 2020. Harmeet built on the success of Long Island Iced Tea by introducing Mango Long Island Iced Tea, Passion Fruit Long Island Iced Tea, Peach Island Long Island Iced Tea, and Screwdriver, all of which are 42 proof and very well-received.

We take pride in our legacy and strive to carry forward our founder’s vision to offer our customers the best spirits possible. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction drives us daily, and we look forward to continuing our journey with you.

Thank you for choosing Montebello, and we look forward to serving you!

Montebello Management Team

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    Ellen Kier Owner
  • management_team_image_2
    Debra Kringold Owner
  • management_team_image_3
    Harmeet Sandhu CEO
  • management_team_image_4
    Leonard George Sales Advisor
  • management_team_image_5
    Bobby Justice Director of Sales
  • management_team_image_6
    Wayne Pozzi Regional Sales Manager
  • management_team_image_7
    Nancy Hogan Director of Operations